Team Latus Top Fuel – Kansas City, MO – 2009

Well after 5 weeks off it was off to Ohio. It is difficult going 5 weeks between races. It almost seems like starting over. We arrived early Friday morning and did our service and maintenance on the bike then decided to test. The track looked good. We went out and spun the tire. Came back and took out allot of clutch and fuel and tried again. Made it down the track with a 6.5 at 210 mph. We decided that would be good enough for first round of qualifying. Sat am went out and spun the tire. Took more out to make sure we were at least qualified in second round and went 6.61 @ 201 mph. Not great but had us at # 4 out of 16. The track seemed to be coming around and the air was getting better so we decided we would try to run a good number. We spun the tire hard. We ended up # 7. We had Tracy Kyle who qualified # 10 with a 6.8. We miss read the track and spun the tire again. Tracy ran a 6.8 for the win. Tracy then went the next 2 rounds and the bikes he was racing din not even get started at the line because of mechanical failure. He went to the finals and Tak spun the tire and Tracy got the easy win. We then had 2 weeks before Kansas City. Stegmann and I decided to climb Mt Shasta between races. We did summit but was allot harder than both of us thought. Now off to Kansas City. We had never raced at this track before. After arriving we all realized that the shut down area was not quite up to par as far as safety and the AHDRA decided to make all pro classes 1/8th mile only. While we do not like to race 1/8th mile it was the best thing to do. First round out we were qualified # 2 with a 4.27  It was over 90 degrees with about 90% humidity and 140 degree track temp 2nd round. We actually went a little faster 4.26 and stayed 2nd. 3rd round we tried to add quite a bit to see what the track would actually take. We just barely spun the tire and slowed down. We ended up 4th with everyone close. Sun morning we had Tommy Grimes 1st round. He had qualified # 5 with 4.29. It was going to be a close race. I knew I had to cut a good light. It was very hot and the track did not look great. We decided at the last minute to take power out of the bike and slow it down. We made the right choice because we ran 4.38 to Tommy’s 5.27 because he spun the tire. One down. Next we had Sternotti and the Ray Price Team. They had just won their 1st round like us with a 4.34. Again it was going to be a close race. I knew I would need a great light. It ended up being over 3 hours between rounds because 3 people in other classes had heat strokes and had to be taken to the hospital. It was very hot. At the last minute we again decided to take power out of the bike “very hard to do against Price/Sternotti”  I cut the best light of my life and we ran a 4.44 for the win. Two down.  Going to the finals against Turner. Turner had just won with a 4.42. Again was going to be close. I cut a great light against Turner but we were spinning the tire. I could not believe I was still ahead at 330’ then he started to come around me. It was so close at the finish line I did not know who had won. We had a 4.506 to Turner’s 4.453 but we won because I had a .046 light to his .108. We won the race by .009 of a second. I really have to give this one to the team for making the correct decisions on the tuning. This win moves the Team Latus Top Fuel Bike into second place with 3 races to go in the AHDRA. Next race is in Bristol Tenn.